At the Meeting of Firsby Group Parish Council held at 7.00 pm on Wednesday 19 October 2022 in Irby & Bratoft Village Hall.

Present: Mr R. Kidd, who took the Chair;

Mr R. Heane; Mr C. Moore; Mrs S. Wilford; Mr R. Harman; Mrs L. Mitchell and Miss H. Smithson-Whitehead.

Apologies were received from Mr G. Holmes; Mr P. Gilbert; LCC Cllr Mrs W. Bowkett and PCSO Jayne Richardson.

1.  Minutes of the last Meeting

It was agreed that these be signed as a correct record of the proceedings.

2.  Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Mrs Wilford asked if the following matters could be sent to Cllr Bowkett for her attention:

1.            Can LCC/EA please put it in writing that they have no knowledge of any footpath ever being in Little Steeping as this particular permissive footpath has been usable from Little Steeping                Church through to Wainfleet for many years. Regardless of what is said by EA & LCC, Mrs Wilford would still like Cllr Bowkett to arrange a site meeting with Roger Morris.

2.            Regarding the 12 month occupancy at Kelsey Wood Country Park, the following lodges under    sec 191 lawful development are Class C3 dwelling houses so cannot be licensed: Lodges 3,4,5 and 8.

                All the rest should be licensed.

Miss Smithson Whitehead enquired whether there was any feedback regarding lands and Parish monies.  A discussion took place regarding lost monies for Great Steeping.  No other information is available yet.

3.   Correspondence

a)  Email received from Matt Warman in response to the Parish Council's query regarding NHS Dentists.  The Parish Council feel that this reply did not address their original request so a further letter will be sent.

b)  Email received from Lincs Reservoir Project Team regarding the consultation launch regarding the proposed location of the Anglian Water Lincolnshire Reservoir.  No action taken.

c)  Email received from Graham Meeks giving dates for the consultation events regarding Outer Dowsing Offshore Wind.  The chairman will attend the 4 November event at Coronation Hall.

d)  Email received from the War Memorial Trust stating that they had been contacted regarding the  poor condition of the War Memorial in Great Steeping Churchyard.  It was agreed to ask who made the request and if the War Memorial Trust had details of who actually owns the Memorial.

e.)  Email received from Mary Burdett asking for an update on the telephone box in Little Steeping.  A discussion took place as to what was required to be carried out.  In particular, making sure that there is no power going to the box, digging to find the plinth it stands on, then 3 or 4 people will need to assist in its lifting and removal.

f)  Email received from Mrs Wilford regarding a combination lock that has been put on the crossing gates of the Long Railway Crossing on Ings Lane, Little Steeping.  As the Village Hall and Beeswax Farms have lands on the other side of the gates, it was agreed to write and ask if 2 gates and a pedestrian footpath could be put in so that access can be made to these lands.

g)  Email received from Mr Tuxwoth regarding the over hanging tress and hedges on School Lane, Great Steeping.  It was agreed to re-report this issue.

h)  Verbal request from Mr Harman to check with ELDC whether planning permission is required for the flag pole at Irby & Bratoft Village Hall as it is over 4.6meters high.  It was agreed to contact to ELDC  regarding thismatter.

4.   Plans

Application No S/020/01679/22 by Ms M Johnson for Planning Permission - Extension to existing livestock building to provide a first floor farm office (works already completed) at Rookery Farm, Pinfold Lane, Bratoft.  It was agreed to support this application.

Application No S/023/01771/22 by Mrs J Mackinder for Planning Permission - Erection of a detached building to provide a linen store, washroom and garage machinery store at The Country Cottages, Bratoft Lane, Burgh Le Marsh.  it was agreed to support this application.

5.   Highways

Notification has been received of upcoming road works to replace a culvert in Irby in the Marsh, Oxlands Lane/B1195 Wainfleet Road junction to commence on 15 November 2022.

It was agreed to report the following matters to be dealt with:

Mill Lane Bridge, Great Steeping, the EA's entrance to the river, the black bollards have been knocked down and are laying flat.

6.   Accounts

It was agreed to pass the following accounts for payment: 

Irby & Bratoft Village Hall for use of room £12

Remembrance Day Wreath £23.98