The Firsby Group Parish Council were contacted via email for instructions regarding the meeting due to be held on Wednesday 15 July 2020 which was cancelled once again due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those who responded were: Mr R. Kidd, the Chair;

Mr R Heane; Mr G. Holmes; Mrs S. Wilford; Mr C. Moore; Miss H. Smithson Whitehead; Mrs L. Mitchell and Mr R. Harman.

Since the beginning of the lockdown the following meetings have also been cancelled: 18 March; 15 April; 20 May and 17 June due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Any matters that were relevant have been sent out to the Parish Councillors via email for either information or decisions.  Any accounts that were required to be paid were also agreed via email and are listed below.

This month, July 2020, the agreement to the Annual Governance and Accounting Statements are required to be approved before being sent to the external auditors.  Completion of the Annual Governance and Accounting Statements were approved via email by the Councillors mentioned above and will be sent to the external auditor in accordance with the regulations. 

1.   Accounts approved to be paid since the beginning of the pandemic

18 March 2020

Irby & Bratoft Village Hall for the printing of the March Newsletter £140

LALC Subscription £267.72

Clerk's 3 month salary £500

Toner & Drum cartridge's for Parish Council printer £101

15 April 2020

Churchyard Maintenance Bratoft PCC £250

Irby & Bratoft Village Hall for printing of April Newsletter £140

20 May 2020

Insurance Renewal £176.60

17 June 2020

Lincolnshire Fieldpaths association subscription £5

Clerk's 3 month salary £500

2.   Accounts for 15 July 2020

It was agreed to pass the following accounts for payment:

Auditor fee £30

The Annual Governance Statement 2019/2020 was approved.

The Accounting Statements 2019/2020 were completed